About Us

A place in North West England for over-18 men with an interest in Adult Consensual Corporal Punishment, to meet and play with like-minded CP enthusiasts

Following the demolition of the Hotel International and Legends complex, we now meet on on the second Friday of each month at the Eagle Bar, in the Manchester Village.

Your group hosts each evening will be Peter Powney and Dave (Dady44). We are a group of like-minded guys that enjoy meeting for safe sane and consensual Corporal Punishment, spanking and bondage play. There should be plenty of people to play with in a pleasant environment.

There is no pressure to join in if you want to just observe but plenty of opportunity to play and learn all about CP and Spanking play.

Come on guys for a spanking good time, it will be good to see our regulars, new friends and visitors.


For a trial period we are also holding meetings on the third Sunday of each month. We are initially testing this for 3 months, from June until August 2018. Depending how popular it is, we may make it a permament event.